Methods & Data / Overview

How WE approached THIS STUDY

The data sources and analytical techniques used for this educational research includes a unique approach to creating a “virtual twin” for each charter school in the dataset, in addition to how we analyze the progress of and outcomes for charter school students and their counterpart in a traditional public school (TPS).

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What’s our methodology?

We create rigorous tests of our educational research questions by following a specific methodology.

What’s our process?

The cornerstone of our process is the virtual control record (VCR) method of analysis.

Where does our data come from?

For this study, we partnered with education departments in 31 jurisdictions.

What sources do we use?

Our Technical Appendix includes greater scientific detail on data sources and analytic methods used in this current study.

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STUDY I – 2009 National
Charter School Study

STUDY II – 2013 National
Charter School Study

STUDY III – 2023 National
Charter School Study